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Play It Loud


December 8, 2010

Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

September 2, 2009

Now Available fromThe Wild Rose Press,, & Barnes and Noble

ISBN-13: 9781601545862

An ambitious reporter stumbles upon the story of her career when she rescues a pop star from the path of an oncoming subway train. Little does she suspect that revealing his painful secrets will challenge her need to succeed at all costs.

Claire Ashton-Howard strikes out on her own to prove to herself, her Upper East Side family, and Downtown Magazine she has what it takes to make it as a journalist. Unfortunately, immersing herself in Evan Price’s life may force her to question her motives, confront her controlling family, and open her heart.

Two years ago, a devastating motorcycle accident not only stripped Evan Price of his pop star status, but cost him his friends and his incredible singing voice as well. Now he’s ready to pursue a comeback as a writer and producer. First he must overcome the demons in his past, and then convince Vista Records he’s more than a has-been. In spite of his misgivings, he allows Claire to infiltrate his defenses only to discover she may be as self-centered as the music world around him.

The Video

The Excerpt

Claire’s instincts as a performer were right on, courageous fire and simmering sensuality. He remembered her courage from the subway and her sensuality from the audition. Now as she played, his passion ignited, and a desire stirred to take her in his arms. The red highlights aglow in her gorgeous hair and the strength of her ivory hands captivated him. But it was her expression of ardent longing,  innocent and untried, that drew him in and urged him to follow as if she played the piper.

He almost forgot to open his mouth and sing when the time came. Braff thought his voice no longer had value, would no longer sell records. In spite of the music exec’s cutting words, Evan sang anyway. For the love of it, for the need to succeed, to prove to himself and to all of them that he could.

When the last note faded, the room remained silent. All at once, the musicians erupted in excited chatter. He stole a look at Claire. Good, lord. Her skin was pale, smooth and perfect. Her eyes were a warm hazel-green with the same russet lashes as that magnificent hair. She wasn’t beautiful–she was bewitching, striking and different, qualities he’d been too angry to appreciate in his hallway. He met her stunned expression with a gentle smile of encouragement and flat out pleasure. They would make the perfect team. His breath stopped for a moment when her gaze softened with what? Admiration? For what? He shook himself.

“Beautiful,” he murmured for her ears alone. He smiled at the others. “Great job. Now get out.” Evan pointed at Claire. “Not you. You and I need to talk.”

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