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Writing under the Influence

March 12, 2010

Tonight I attended a special viewing of a documentary entitled Haze. It was about the death of a freshmen within his first month of college. He died from alcohol poisoning. He lay on the floor for hours because the other plastered frat boys thought he had merely passed out. They didn’t call emergency services, but they did write obscene messages on his body with marker, the better to humiliate him when he woke up. This was a tragic story, and it really hit home with my teenager. He didn’t know how many college students die from alcohol poisoning or alcohol related deaths each year. If someone you know has passed out from drinking too much dial 911. Don’t take a chance.
It gave me a golden opportunity to talk about alcohol with my son, and to discuss the alcoholism that runs rampant through my side of the family.
I can’t help thinking about writers and artists, about how much the world needs their creativity and ability to challenge or affirm our view of life. Yet so many have died from drug and alcohol related deaths.
My prayer is that those of us in the arts spread the word…there’s a better way to live and to find our creativity than by killing ourselves with alcohol and drugs–either down the road or much too soon.

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  1. March 14, 2010 4:26 pm

    As the mom of a son entering college this fall and because I am the daughter of a lovely human being who also happened to be a bad alcoholic, I am so glad to know such a cautionary film is out there. Will it be available to the public soon?

    Years ago I showed the film about the effects on a man’s health of a month of fast food meals to my kids and none of them have cared for fast food since. I really believe in the power of media to influence our behavior in a positive way.

  2. March 29, 2010 7:22 am

    Found Haze on the net and watched it free (though there were commercials). I will definitely ask my son to see it before he goes off to college.

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