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Blueprint for Love

a sweet, Southern romance

New York actress TANDY NEUBERRY has come home to St. Simon’s Island to care for her ailing father. While teaching at the elementary school to make ends meet, she loses her heart to a shy, stuttering little boy who lost his father in the war. Remembering too well her own painful childhood struggles, she vows to use her creativity and experience to draw him out of his shell. Unfortunately, his arrogantly sexy guardian wants her to butt out, and Tandy knows why. He’s the guy who kicked her naïve dreams of happily ever after to the curb.

WHIT FREEMAN would hand over the reins to his booming construction company if he could dry the deep well of sadness in his nephew’s huge brown eyes. He knows that once he gets the hang of parenting, they’ll both be able to make peace with their tragic loss. That’s why he won’t allow beautiful, flighty actress Tandy Neuberry to ingratiate herself into his boy’s life. Because it’s only a matter of weeks before she deserts him and everyone else in town…again.

Blueprint for Love finaled in the Great Expectations Contest sponsored by North Texas Romance Writers and placed second in the Lone Star Writing Contest sponsored by Northwest Houston RWA under the name New Girl in Town.

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